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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Pebble Isle to Paris Landing State Park, marina

We didn't get a great night's sleep last night. We're trying to "season" our brand new batteries, and to do that we need to get them to near 20% and charge them to 90%. We tried to do that yesterday and we got close (around 30%) when we plugged in. We had the boat's power cord ready, we just needed to flip the switch.

After about a hour of flipped-switch-and-charging a massive rain storm started, lightning and thunder -- the works. Russ looked at the charging status and noticed that we were no longer charging. We'd manage to overload the dock's pedestal. With a handy app he was able to lower our "intake" down from 50 (which the pedestal was supposedly rated) to 40. Within an hour it flipped again. He lowered it to 30. That worked for the rest of the night but Russ checked it every now and again, because you never get a good sleep knowing something bad might happen. Burning out our brand new lithium batteries would be very bad.

A little fog in Pebble Isle,
a bit more on the channel.
A bit of fog in the morning. We turned on the radar and had our radio beep every few minutes, a handy setting it has. It did lift within the first hour of travel or so.

The plan was to get to Paris Landing State Park marina where we'd pump out and top off our fuel. Looking ahead at fuel prices are higher, so we're topping off where it's cheaper. Then we were going to head out to a anchorage. But 3 things happened. First, while Russ was fueling up I did some blogging (this very post) and noticed we have excellent network, something we haven't had for weeks. Second, my phone beeped with a NOAA Excessive Heat Warning for the day. Third, we had an amazing network connection. I asked him if we could stay.

Gathering t-clouds at Paris Landing.
I hope we get a storm!
Regarding the heat, we'd like to do what we couldn't do yesterday -- bring the batteries down to the high 20% then recharged them. While we can do that with our generator, it will be easier to plug the boat in. And now we know that there's a threshold, we'll set it to a lower amperage, in order to get a good sleep.

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