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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Life in Key West

Been nearly a month since a post, so some catching up is necessary. We can't believe our winter is almost over. Russ has been putting together plans for boat upgrades and repairs before we get underway in May. We need to be back in Baltimore March 15 to return the car rental.

Firstly, my Mohs surgery was done Jan 30, just 2 days before we were going to Key West. It went fine, but the first week here I wasn't allowed to do much. No strenuous activity, no bending over. So Russ had to pack the car all by himself. Also, we cancelled our trip to the Dry Tortugas, which we booked nearly 6 months ago. But no going with a sore nose that needed to be kept out of the sun,

We headed to Key West from my folks house in The Villages on Feb 1st. With traffic it took over 9 hours.

The place here was adorable. 2 beds, 2 baths, with a loft, and our own private balcony over Caroline Street. Most every morning we are outside, enjoying the sounds of wandering tourists, crowing roosters, and balmy breezes.

We had some rain, some storms, and some high-wind days. But overall the weather has been lovely.

Home on Caroline Street. This large house was divvied into 6
condos, of which we rented 1 for the month of February.

Since I couldn't do much the first week we did a wood puzzle,
a Xmas gift from a friend,

My folks came out to visit.

Enjoying the deck

We did a lot while here; dinner with Hannah's family, dinner with David's family, dinner with my family, lots of walking, some shopping, an escape room, visited the Farmers Market (it's decent!) and some touristy stuff. Mostly eating, I confess. I found exceptional almond croissants here!

Tennessee Williams and his friends would go to Mallory Park and watch the sunset, drinks in hand of course. Once done they'd stand, applaud, and call for an encore! This tradition goes on to this day.