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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year!

Suns sneaking up over Sarasota
Hard to believe we docked in our home slip over a month ago. Russ has been crazy busy with projects ever since.

The biggest, at the moment, is the ship's water. He wanted to redo how the water is distributed and filtered. He bought a UV filtration system, so the goal is have all the water pass through it before going anywhere on the boat, so even if you drink from the bathroom faucet downstairs you're getting the same, awesome water as from the kitchen. The only place with space enough to put the unit is under the kitchen sink, so everything needs to go there first, then be moved throughout the boat. 

"The calm before the storm". 
The water looks almost glasslike.
To add to the complexity, inQuest has 2 water tanks, one fore and one aft. We tend to use only the aft tank, and when it's empty, drain the front one into it. (The front tank sits on the other side of the master suite bedroom wall. When it's half full, and if we're at anchor on less than stellar waters, it splashes loudly. So it's either full or empty.) In the past Russ had to manually manipulate valves to move the water from one tank to the other. Since he's making massive changes he's installed electric valves that he can control from, say, his phone.

Floating in LBK about 10 feet from us.
The pic doesn't do it justice -- it's about
12 feet long.
I've always had this saying that no matter what DIY project you do it's going to result in at least 3 trips to the hardware store: FIRST to buy the things you need, SECOND to buy the things you really need, and LASTLY to return what you didn't need. With a boat, this is WAY worse, like 12. You'll take a minimum of 12 trips to the hardware store. Or West Marine. Or both. This project is proving that right!

With a new water system we no loner need the 
special spigot at the sink for drinking water.
So, we're installing a soap dispenser, that has
a long tube to get soap RIGHT FROM the bottle.
It's the little things that excite me!
Anyway, we rang in the new year with our traditional method of going to bed around 9:30 as usual. It was awesome.

Best to you and yours in 2023. We'll see you out there!