Where we at

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Getting closer to heading out

Striking sunrise! No filter, I swear!
We hoped to start the get underway the first week of February. But it looks like the second week, now. Doctor and dental appointments have postponed things a bit. Meanwhile, the chore list is getting shorter. Russ has been working his backside off getting things done. So far it's all working, and much improved. Of course the real test will be when we get underway.

Winter finally set in. When we arrived in early November the weather had gotten colder. Then Mother Nature said, "Oh, never mind" and from mid-November to early January we had upper 70s and lower 80 temps. It's been the most moderate winter we've experienced in Florida so far. But things have finally changed. I've had "winter clothes" set out for months, and I'm just now using them.

Every now and again I see a boat name that really
makes me laugh. Like this one did.

Got a new banner for the back. It's mesh.
We're hoping that way it will last longer.

The graceful swans of Longboat Key.

We had a company install vinyl decking.
Spiffy, don't ya think?

The new chain markers.
Already they're falling out.
We are not impressed.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Busy! Busy! Busy!

On our way back to Longboat Key we thought about all the little trips we'd take over the next 3 months. Up to Tampa, down to Fort Myers, maybe a night at Boca Grande. But with the exception of our sea trial and a couple of outings with family members for the holidays, we've done nothing but work. And by we, of course, I mean Russ.

We have a number of project that we've completed but still another batch we're trying to get done in the next month. 

Completed tasks:

  • New speakers - we replaced the old Bose speaker with new Sonos. They are absolutely amazing.
    New lights, new speakers

  • Repair some of the interior walls - Due to logistics the new speakers had to be moved, leaving the paneling with dents and holes from the previous speakers. So we repaneled them.
  • Better lighting in the sky lounge - We have plenty of light up there. But they don't dim well. They also don't change color. Not that we plan on doing any nighttime travel, but having red lights is easier on the eyes. 
  • Better switch for the new house batteries - Apparently, there was not easy way to turn off the batteries AT the batteries once Russ did the upgrade, you just had to pull the cable. Which sparked and was scary. So Russ fixed that with a switch.
  • Replace window pulls - We took videos of Russ doing this which, when he has time, he'll will put on YouTube. It is a process! The entire window has to be removed to put the new pull on. What bozo thought that was a good idea?!
  • Install rub rail end cap - When we bought the boat this particular cap was broken. Eventually it was taken off. Russ put on a new one.
  • New stair covers
    New stair covers - the old ones were worn and constantly dirty, even after a cleaning. So I made new ones. YES! This was my task. Came out pretty nice, considering.
  • New blinds downstairs - turns out the old blinds were store bought from Lowes and nothing special. They never did fit the windows well. So, I order a new set which Russ installed.

In process:

  • Pull out drawers! 2 done, 4 to go.
    Drawer pullouts - we installed a number of these in various condos and we're not sure why we didn't think of it for the boat until we saw friends of our did. 2 are done. 4 more to go.
  • New AC units (2 of 'em) - The upstairs unit never worked. Originally we were going to put in a fancy, diesel run system but we couldn't get the company that made them to commit to anything. Meanwhile, newer units are supposed to be WAY quieter. So we opted to just replace them. Or course once Russ started by removing a unit he discovered mold in the ducts and water in the hoses. The project is on hold while we wait for those parts.
  • Watermaker - Cat-n-Dogs had one but we never used it, largely because it was clunky and required a bit of baby sitting. Newer models don't, apparently. We had a through-hole put in for the anchor wash which Russ knew would also be used for a water maker. This will make visiting the keys and Bahamas way more convenient.
    AC unit, waiting to be installed

  • Anchor markers - When on anchor you need to let out a certain length of rode, or chain. We calculate that every time, and it varies on weather and current and depth, each and every time. That done, you need to know just how much chain you've let out. We marked our chain with ties that marked every 25 feet. But those got caught in the windlass (the motor that lets out the chain and pulls the anchor back up). So we're trying a new tech, colored link markers. Folks say they work, so we'll see. 
  • New Windlass - Russ wants to be able to raise and lower line (rope) in addition to our chain, which our current windlass can't do. The new one will have capstan that fits our line. It's good to have options, in case of emergency.
  • Washer repair - We used the washer a fair bit this past summer. But recently, while in the spin cycle, it's making a horrible rattling. We're hoping a repair can be done, because replacing that will be a major ordeal. It's currently in a cabinet in the shower. The only way to get it out would be through the kitchen, and that would require removing and rebuilding cabinets.
  • New carpet outside - as I typed they were patterning to put some vinyl flooring outside.

In planning

  • Scramble Net - I saw this on a video and fell in love with the idea. We have no easy and convenient way to handle a "man over board" situation. Yes, we have life preservers and a throwable line for anyone to grab, but getting onto the boat might be a challenge depending on the weather and situation. A scramble net looked like a lightweight and useful solution for us. But they don't make them for smaller vessels, only larger, commercial boats. So I'm thinking about how to make one.
    example of a scramble net

Frankly, both of us are looking forward to when we start moving again.