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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Midway to Bay Springs Lake

One of the shortest days we've had in a while. It was supposed to be stormy, but it turned into a wonderful day.

Since we knew it would be short we took our time getting out of the marina. Russ went for a run and I did some computer stuff. The 2 fast boats that we shared a lock with left about 30 minutes before us. As a result the first lock (Rankin) was still turning around. So we slow-boated our way to it. Timed out fine otherwise.

The second lock (Montgomery) was waiting with doors open since they just locked down a trawler (possible loopers, from their burgee). The third lock (Whitten) needed to be lowered but we called them well in advance. It's the last one the Tenn-Tom and by far the biggest. All the other locks raised us about 30 feet. Whitten takes us up 84, nearly 3 times the distance. Entering that chamber is quite daunting. The doors loom above you like the gates of Mordor. I

84 feet to the top.
In a recently chat someone told me that the name Tombigbee came from the Choctaw name "itumbe ikbi" which means box maker or coffin maker. I'm thinking it's about this lock.

Lock count: 11

This is what it looks like in the lock as it fills. Very bubbly. Very dangerous.

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