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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Aqua to Clifton, marina

The red line means over 10 knots
Finally back at it. Almost immediately after Aqua we were on the Tennessee River and in the state of Tennessee. We even got to go through a lock, this time heading down. In fact, it's all downhill from here to the Ohio. For the last 4 days we've had a fair bit of rain (which is Mississippi speak for nearly 40 inches!) so the rivers are running hard. Thus our speed, which was over 10 knots most of the day. Woo! We'd heard some of the lock below us are closed due to the amount of water they need to move. 

A little more traffic than we'd seen thus far. The most interesting was the American Countess. She's a river cruiser. Had folks on her too. (So apparently the pandemic is over... just sayin'). She was headed up river at about 8 knots. In other words, she pushed a lot of water. Once we passed her we banged in her wake for about a mile and a half -- we're talking 2 foot swells. Almost like being back on the gulf.

Us. Pickwick Lock takes pics of the boats they
lock through. Again, we had the chamber to ourselves.
Given our speed we docked about an hour earlier than our original ETA, around 1:30 PM. So we ate lunch at the diner here are the marina which, to our joy, had Beyond Burgers. 

The American Countess

Yes, that is a paddle wheel. Probably what made the massive wake.

This is a bit of weirdness, and it's happened a number of times now.
We get bombarded with swallows. They zing and dive all round the boat.
Russ thinks they've learned that boats are floating buffets with mayflies.

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