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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Bay Springs Lake to Aqua Marina

Today was the last run getting to Aqua Marina today. There we'll do the last of our electronics upgrade (fingers crossed on that). Then we'll head up the Tennessee and onward to Pittsburgh. About 1000 miles away.

Did the typical anchor routine (coffee, breakfast, walk-a-dog, hoist the anchors, plural since we put down a stern one to keep us from twisting).

The ride up was smooth. Once you leave Bay Springs Lake you travel a man-made canal to Pickwick Lake. It's not crazy wide so as soon as the down-bound tow saw us he hailed us. Side note: We have been hailed more times by tows on this trip than ever before, and we haven't seen that many. We suspect it has to do with our name. When we were Cat-n-Dogs it was clear we were a pleasure craft (or PC out here). The name inQuest, however, well, that might be another tow.

inQuest tucked in a little bay off the lake
Last time we passed a tow on this very piece of water we got a little too far to the bank and bumped the bottom. When we passed this one we made sure not to repeat that event. 

Got to the marina before noon. Russ had already arranged to sell our current batteries to the Harbor Host here in Aqua. By 2 pm, they two gents were gutting our system and moving stuff around. I meanwhile gathered the laundry, borrowed a car, and setout to a laundromat.

While zipping around on the tender we saw this
sign in the distance. It's on a bank surrounded by trees.
It says "Leave no trace" and tells you not to litter.
Good advice. Not sure that's the best place, tho.
The new batteries will arrive Monday. Until then there's lots to do, largely in cleaning the boat. I will do the inside while Russ does the outside. And everything needs done -- walls, cabinets, surfaces, carpets. Thankfully, we're in a slip here which is covered, which means the predicted rain will not hinder our cleaning efforts.

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  1. You guys are making great progress. Tell Robin and Charlie we said HI.