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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Augusta to Portsmouth, marina

We had a choice. We could have taken a shorter day and been on anchor, and the anchor sounded lovely. But we're having crazy heat, and sitting around in 93 plus humidity for most of an afternoon didn't sound like a good time. So we traveled longer.

Foggy morning.
When we woke there was a healthy fog on the river. There was a laundromat in town which I used first thing. Technically, it was a laundry room for an apartment complex that was open to the public. Not great -- wouldn't recommend it. It was hot, one of the dryers ate my $2.25, and there was no phone number posted for help with either of those things. But the clothes got washed -- we dried them on the boat.

Once we got underway the fog had lifted. It was a lovely ride in the Meldahl pool, with lots of quaint towns up and down this section. We didn't see any tows until the end of the day, then we got 3 in a row. All of them hailed us, and from 10 miles away. Clearly our reputations haven't reached this far east.

Blue skies, smooth water, calm wind.
Just bloody hot!
The marina was selected because we need some water. While here we'll also get fuel. We don't need it but... looking ahead diesel for boats will become a thing. Who knew? Russ has already talked to companies that bring a truck with fuel to your boat. You just have to make arrangements with a landing or marina to get it done. Might be an exciting trip back.

Also, just a quick shout-out to catamarans and their shallow drafts! We're in a state park's marina, Shawnee State Park. There's 1 foot beneath our keel. One. Foot.

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