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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

A couple of days in Louisville

Heigold House Fascade.
We arrived during a heat swelter but managed to take a walk and go have an early dinner. The next day the heat continued in the morning followed by rainy weather in the afternoon and evening. It brought much cooler temps today. We went out a bit.

While there is no doubt lots to explore in Louisville, Russ had a couple of errands he needed to run (dropping off oil samples at a post office and picking up transmission oil at an auto store) and both of those were easily done by foot... in Jeffersonville. 

3 bridges, from the 4th
In the center of Louisville are "The Big 4" which are the 4 bridges that cross the Ohio to Jeffersonville. One of these was a old railroad bridge that they've turned into a pedestrian and bike crossing only. (Note: while electric bike are fine on the bridge, electric scooters are not. Guess which ones we had). We locked up the scooters and walked across the bridge, which was just lovely. If you come here, do not miss that! 

Just on the other side is Jeffersonville. Every been to Disneyland? When you enter the park you first walk along Main Street which was a recreation of Walt's child town of Marceline, MO. Every building was as he remembered it: drug store, fruit stand, ice cream parlor, Hall of Presidents, the works. Well, it could be Jeffersonville. The little downtown is full of useful stores, restaurants, pubs, bakery, ice cream, and what made it wonderful was that today, a Tuesday, the place was bustling. I explored the downtown while Russ ran his errands, then we ate lunch at Parlour, a pizza place. Best pizza we've had in a really long time.

Former railroad bridge.
We'll head out tomorrow. This has been a handy marina but not a great one. It has potential. The employee we've been working with has been here for 5 years. He said they recently got a new manager who's doing a much better job than the last one. It's obvious something is off. It's the height of the boating season here and there are, well, no boats. In our experience, if you build it, they will come. We came to learn that the last manager was taking money to allow stuff (dirt, sand, whatever) to be dumped in the marina. There are no boats here because it's so shallow. They have plans to dredge. I hope they do.

Other weirdnesses are the washer and dryers, of which they have 2 pair,s that do not work. The ship store is almost never open. We had mail sent to us and we had to go through all the marina's mail (in the mail box next to the road) to find it. Just a little off.

But the place is easy to access, off the river, and conveniently located. We'd stay again.

Where are all the boats?!

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