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Monday, June 7, 2021

8% Tedious

There's an adage in the boat world: Boating is 90% awesome, 8% tedious, and 2% absolutely terrifying. Between NOLA and here we're in the 8% tedious range, which is feeling closer to 30%.
Had a downpour in Aqua. Since the slip is covered we got to sit outside to enjoy it.

We are getting a fair amount accomplished while in Aqua. Boat cleaning being one huge thing. We ran out of time in NOLA to get it done, since there were a couple of days we couldn't get to the boat. I've been doing the inside (everything from wiping down cabinets and walls to pressure washing the rugs) while Russ does the outside. He's also giving her another coat of wax to keep her shiny.


After. WOW, right?!

The batteries showed up today. Charlie and Robin (The Lower Place) bought a new boat with nothing in the way of house power. So they're installing our old ones (keep in mind, they are only a year and a half old, so pretty new). Over the last couple of days Russ and Charlie have been unloading our batteries into his hull. Once our new one showed up, Charlie helped load those in. Keep in mind these things weight a LOT. This is not easy work. We owe him a steak.

We still have a few deliverables coming tomorrow (which may turn into Wednesday; Amazon's been so unreliable lately). With luck we'll be heading out Wednesday. Hopefully no later than Thursday.

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