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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

A Day in Evansville

The Nu-Plaza Yacht Club marina
A number of packages had been shipped here for us, not the least of which was a new battery remote that would give Russ actual data from the new batteries. The app he'd been using was suspect, and we don't want to trash these bad boys. He opted for "more data is better". As a result we'd planned a day layover so he could hook up the new device and get that working. Also, there's a Costco here, so a bit of reprovisioning was done.

Oh, and recall the shower I was gonna take? Pump died again, thankfully when I was only wet and not sudsy. Russ attached a hose to the shore water, which got us through the night, and did a bit of research to discover that the pump's issue is a switch in the pump. He also discovered it was less than a year old and had a 3 year warranty. After calling the manufacturer they started the "trouble ticket" process, but that wouldn't get us up and running. He called around and found a marine store that had water pumps. Using the handy courtesy van here he went there, bought a new pump, and installed it. So far, so good, fingers crossed, and knock on wood.

We weren't totally unprepared for that. We did have a backup pump which used to be the primary one. And we hated it. So we really didn't want to use it again unless we were desperate.

We expect to get to Louisville by Sunday, and stay there for a couple of days. Another round of Amazon ordering has already begun. Such is boat life.

This awesome graphic is posted at the marina.
It shows all the locks we'll go through to get to Pittsburgh,
the nearby towns, and elevations. Another 17 to go.

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