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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Clifton to Pebble Isle, marina

I was kinda looking forward to coming here. We'd been here before, so we knew they gave transient guests cinnamon buns in the morning, and the last time we had to leave at 0-dark-30 (thank you, Robin, for that wonderful saying) so we missed it. Alas, it is something they only do in the fall. So, no cinnamon buns for me. 😭

The ride here was uneventful. Cloudy all day but no rain. We pass lots of interesting "home on the rivers", some of which include an RV with a built-over cover. Home is where the fishing is good, I think.

The rivers have receded a bit so we only ran at 9.5 knots instead of nearly 11. Lots more traffic on the water, but we suspect that's because of the lock closure below. Lots of tows are moving slow and then they cluster a bit. 

inQuest at Clifton. Note the height of the pilings.
I got more info on the Stennis Lock situation. During the massive rains last week a barge broke loose and floated down stream until it reached the dam. It's blocking 3 of the 5 flood gates there. So the lock is having to push nothing but water until the waters recede or the barge gets moved. Good timing on our part -- we went through Stennis over a week ago.

No locks today, and since we're staying on the lake, no locks tomorrow. We'll lock down to get to the Ohio in the next couple of days.

Total lock count remains at 12.

Docked at Pebble Isle. Pretty marina!

Got a manicure in Aqua. Turns out the color I chose glows in the dark.
...and they glow all night long. Like radium!

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