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Monday, June 28, 2021


Once it gets dark the waters got calm, so we slept without much bouncing. Even the occasional tow wasn't that bad. 

The next day was explore day! First we had breakfast in town at the Wild Eggs. I had a favorite I don't get often, the stuffed French Toast. Russ had a veggie Benedict. Both were wonderful.

From there we walked over the Roebling suspension bridge to the Kentucky side, then headed up river, crossing the 4th Street bridge from Covington to Newport, then back to the Ohio side via the Taylor Southgate Bridge. We wanted to get that done first thing, before the heat came.

Findlay Market
Around noon we got out the scooters then headed into town. Our destination was the Findlay Market. Findlay is a little market, akin to the French Market of New Orleans. A permanent structure houses some of the vendors and the street around it is closed for tents. We went for fruit. We got chocolate and bakery. Hey, have you met us?

Great visit, and a great little city. We were impressed with Cincinnati.

Lunch. A specialty of Cincy. Chili, which
they serve on spaghetti. We got a vegetarian version.

On the city wall. Great location, but get out ALL your fenders!

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  1. Findlay Market (and Fountain Square)..two of my favorites growing up in Cinti….my cousin was the Marketing Manager for the market for many years.