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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Georges Island to Boston, marina

While not a long day it was very exciting. Not due to any problems, but the small distance into the big city of Boston was packed with vessels, ferries, ships, ducks (not the birds, the amphibious vessels), and other floating obstacles. Both Russ and I had eyes everywhere, watching for "that ferry" going 30 knots to appear out of nowhere.

Boston off the port bow.
Once off the main channel we turned onto the Charles River, also filled with tourist boats and ferries. It has a lock, of all things. While a small lock it has 3 chambers since it gets tons of traffic. We saw one of the ferries get into the main chamber. We hailed the lock and he responded with "Oh, I see you. Stand by." So we did. For 45 minutes.

At that point I asked Russ to hail him again, sure we'd been forgotten. Russ called on the phone instead. Yep, forgotten.

Logan Airport is on our starboard.
A quick spin up on the situation. Boston is in the process of building a new bridge across the Charles River, right in front of the lock. At the moment, however, there are support structures in the water. I mentioned there are 3 chambers. The first and third (the third is the largest of them) is completely visible and accessible. The second chamber is behind one of these support structures.

When Russ talked to the lockmaster he got a "Why didn't you blow the horn? 2 longs and 2 shorts. You're supposed to get in front of the chamber door and blow." No where had we read this in our boating literature. Locals we spoke to later said there used to be a sign. So, whatever. We moved forward to get to the location where we're supposed to blow our horn when I'm hailed by dockmaster who told us we're getting into the middle chamber (of course!) and we might want to go around the other side. 

Boston, from our anchorage last night.
That's what we did, backed out from under the bridge and go into the left side and into the chamber. Once there they gave us announcements about what we were supposed to do that neither of us could understand from all the slapback. But this wasn't our first lock rodeo so I gave a thumbs up. Within a heart beat the other chamber door opened. We didn't move an inch.

Out we go. Next a couple of bridges needed to be opened, but those tenders were very informative and quick.

Right away the yacht club we were staying at was on the right. The slip they gave us was a t-head on one side. A boat, however, was already on it. So, we call, we text, we ask for instructions. And eventually we're given a temporary position on the other side. We'll move eventually since we're kinda hangin' off the end here.

Settled, we ate at an Indian place and caught up with the crew of Bella Gatto, Jayne and Jonathon. First time we'd been in a marina together since Florida. We plan on doing a bit of cruising together as we head north to Maine.

Later. First we get through this weekend, and the awesome fireworks displays coming up. We planned on being in Boston for the 4th.


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