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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Scituate to Georges Island, ball

The winds were to remain calm all morning so we weren't in a real hurry to get up and out. Boston was just a couple of hours away so no need to rush. 

It was a shame yesterday was so rainy and dreary. We wanted to play in the town a bit more. There's a wonderful sushi place called Salt Society that we thoroughly enjoyed. More to explore, too.

That'd be Boston in the distance.
After lattes and breakfast we headed out. The Atlantic was a kitten. It's such a joy to boat when the waters are so welcoming, placid, and peaceful. Once again we slid our way through the prop traps that abounded but ultimately had a fabulous ride.

The goal was to get to Peddocks Island but as we came into the harbor we noticed a fort to our right. Quick research revealed it had mooring balls and a dinghy dock. So, we veered right and Dockwa-ed* (sure, let's make a new verb) a ball. No one was there. We picked one with the most depth since the tidal swing is 10 feet here and we didn't want to fret. Within an hour we noticed a boat come by. The pilot was from the marina that manages these balls. He was just checking which one we'd taken and approved us right there.

inQuest on a ball, Boston in the background
We ate a second breakfast then headed to Fort Warren.

Ramparts. No more guns, tho.

6 acres of parade ground within Fort Warren.
It's sizable.

One of the few forts where they just let you
wander around and explore. Many signs are 
around warning you "this place is dangerous."
This is called the Dark Hall.

A magazine. Not lit. Just watch your step.

From the fort you can see us and the city.

*Dockwa: an app that allows you to reserved slips and balls with marinas. We've know about it for a while but it's relatively useless in Florida. In New England, however, they use it efficiently, contacting you within the hour with a confirmation and information.

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