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Friday, June 10, 2022

Oyster Bay to Northport, anchor

The weather pattern seems to be repetitive these days. Good day, windy day, good day, windy day. Yesterday it was too windy to get back into the little town. We'll have to save that brewery for another visit. Meanwhile, today was lovely.

Lovely sky and water.
The tide changed around 8:30 so we waited for it to suck us out of Oyster Bay. The short voyage was only to the next bay over, Northport. We dropped the hook, dropped the dinghy, and headed into the small town just in time to grab some lunch at the Rockin' Fish. We split a number of appetizers and Russ got a flight of beer, making up for the missed opportunity yesterday.

It's looking like New England to me.
We made a quick stop for fuel for the dinghy then headed back to the boat. 

Rumor has it there's a farmers market here Saturday morning. That's the plan... weather allowing.

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