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Monday, June 6, 2022

Brooklyn to Port Washington, ball

The toughest part about staying at the One 15 Marina in Brooklyn is the waking. The movement is one thing which makes it a bit of a challenge to move about the boat without stubbing a toe, but the creaking lines was almost constant. Thankfully it gets quiet around 11 pm. It starts over around 4 am. It wasn't horrible over the weekend, but it was much worse on Monday morning when the ferries handle commuters so they run three times more frequently. We tossed our lines at 8:30 am waiting for a favorable tide. We were quite happy to get underway by then.

Farewell Manhattan!

Huge Pepsi 

Riker's Island

Yet another prison, Burnan C Bain Center.
They had no place to build this one
so they put it on a huge barge. Look closely.

The first hour was intense as we dodged and weaved around said ferries. If you watch the video you'll notice that as we go, however, the camera get smoother. Gorgeous day, gorgeous water, and a very short day. We traveled along Long Island, passing under a myriad of bridges, along Roosevelt Island, along La Guardia and into a quiet bay with a bunch a mooring balls. 

We snagged a ball and promptly hailed the handy pump-out boat. It snuck up on us while we were watching a charter seaplane take off after dropping of a fare.

Watch the volume!!!!

The first night here is free. If you pay for a ball you get a deal on the water taxi to run you into the little town here. So we'll spend 2 nights. Today we're cooking black-eye peas on crispy rice and listening to Yacht Rock radio (one can never have enough Christopher Cross and Michael McDonald in one's life). After 2 days of big walks in the big city we're ready to chill.

The above is collected data of the last 4 days of boating. These aren't the biggest or in real time since these are readings in 5 second intervals. But you can see how bouncy it was on the trip to Manasquan, and how much movement we had in the marina.

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