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Sunday, June 5, 2022

A day in Manhattan

Headed to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Our marina is in Brooklyn right off the East River that runs between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Even on a weekend, ferries run at highspeed up and down the river which means we rock like wild. The view and convenience make it worthwhile, though.

We started the day at a bakery nearby. On the back of the boat we enjoyed some of the best croissants we've had in a very long time. Then we trekked to and over the Brooklyn Bridge and across the town to get on the Hudson River side of the island.

The High Line. Note that tracks are still there
just off to the right.
We turned up Broadway, then back to the Hudson to get on the High Line. Around 1999 it became clear that the raised railroad would never be used again. Rather than tear it down New York decided to turn it into a walking park. The views from the 1.5 miles of walkway are gorgeous. Along it are trees and plants, benches and recliners, statues and fountains. 

This is The Shed. It's roof (that geometric
part on the right) moves.
Once off the High Line we ended up near a newer mall, Hudson Yards, and "The Vessel." The Vessel was built for people to walk up and down the many staircases, get a little exercise, and take in the view. After a number of suicides, however, it's closed so you can only look at it. Apparently, adding some kind of protective barrier was right out.

The Vessel
From there we walked back into the heart of the island and found a sidewalk eatery where we had lunch. I had a crispy rice bowl full of veggies and a chickpea stew (so awesome!) and Russ had an Impossible burger (also awesome!). 

Once fed we boarded the F line and took the subway back to Brooklyn. The transit folks added Google Pay tap-n-pay right to the gates. No tickets or cards needed anymore.

Once back at the boat we checked our fitness devices. NYC is a great place to get 22,000 steps.

In the subway there's this picture.
It's a mosaic.

Here's a close up of the eye.

Manhattan at night.

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