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Monday, June 13, 2022

Port Jefferson to Old Saybrook, ball

The plan had been to go to Mattituck today, which is still on Long Island. We knew we wanted to cross over to the Connecticut side before the week was out and today just looked too awesome not to go. Besides, we took  look a the details of Mattituck and while we could anchor there for free if we wanted to go into town there was a $50 day dock fee. THAT IS NOT A TYPO. Fifty dollars. Some would call the "transient hostile."

After consulting a number of weather apps they disagreed on the weather outcome for the afternoon. So we hedged our travel to the island side in case things got bad, then we'd bail and go to Mattituck anyway. Turned out the day was just lovely, so we made the crossing. Made for a longer day but it was a good one.

Blue sky, calm sea, great run.
Saybrook is a quiet little town. We took a walk to the Walmart here, which is one of the smallest I've seen. If you need groceries the Stop & Shop has a much better produce selection (which is to say any) and just a bit further of a walk.

The mooring field is located in the North Cove. Supposedly there are ribbons on balls for transients. We saw no such thing so we picked one. Russ took the dinghy to the dock and got the number for the dockmaster who gave us the greenlight -- yes, it belongs to someone but feel free to use it.

Lots of balls, lots of boats. Not a lot of room.
There are a bunch of balls in a very small space, something we're not fond of. Most of the boats here are sailboats and they behave differently to wind and tide than we do. So during slack tide and wind, we twist differently bringing us closer to the other vessels. We moved later in the evening because of this. 

On shore, however, there was a place to take our trash and recycling. Should you need to you can bring your boat to the dock for water. A little yin and yang here. And it is free. So there's that. 

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