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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Plymouth to Scituate, ball

The weather was going to turn windy and rainy over the next couple of days. We could have stayed in Plymouth -- lots to do there. But between all the tour boats, fishing folks, and incoming weather our ball, which was right on the main fairway, was bouncy. Moreover, Scituate looked kinda nifty.

Up and out early we had another short day today. I noticed that Russ had already programmed in our destination in Navionics, so I just hit "go" and we were off. The water was calm and a slight breeze came from off shore so it didn't impact the water. The timing would be great to make another batch of house water, so we started that process once we reached the deeper part of the bay. That takes about 2 hours. The trip was only about 2 1/2.

This is how I like my water.
Ride done and the water made we started the turn into the harbor. For a Sunday things here were pretty slow. We're used to lots of fishing boats zipping in and out of the harbor. We were kinda alone. Depth was fine as we inched closer to the town... which was NOT Scituate. All stop, look around, check the charts. It took us a moment to get our bearings only to discover we'd passed our destination. 

The tiny town of Scituate
We spun around and slunk, embarrassed, back down the coast about 30 minutes to Scituate. I'm still not clear how it happened... we're chalking it up again to "our Navionics is secretly trying to kill us."

Once we entered the bay we contacted a yacht club to get on one of their balls. They had us hold up in the channel for a few minutes while a launch investigated what balls were available. Then the launch led us to our parking spot. Now that's service!

The dock is literally 40 feet from us. It's almost
silly to call the launch to get there.
Seems like we should be able to jump it.
Anyway, we're situated in Scituate. Winds are coming today and staying until mid-Tuesday. Possible storms. We'll see how much touristy stuff we can do, considering.

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