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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Still doing it Mystic

The plan was to leave Mystic today. But the winds, which we knew would be around 10 knots, were closer to 20. And those same winds, which were supposed to die off to nothing by 2 pm, remained pretty strong. So we ended up extending for one more day. Weather: it is what it is.

Hardly a problem, really. Mystic is a great place to be stuck for a week. Lots of walking, lots of restaurants, and we're moored in a nifty museum. What more do you need?

A carving from a fallen tree.
All of it is wood.

Mystic Pizza! Not our favorite style.
Crust is more focaccia-like. So, meh. 

Excellent Mexican place, tho. Margaritas Mexican.
Nachos, fish tacos, and elote. All excellent.

If you make it bigger you'll see "sailing class".

Laundry. Once of the less fun things about boating.
And life, I suppose.

The view from our stern. With all the large, masted
old vessels and the "town" you feel transported to the 1850s.

We went aboard the whaling ship here.
That's Russ near the mast.
It still smells of "dead whale"...
just a heads up.

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