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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

What's to do in Newport

Lots of walking. Lots of of "ooo"-ing at all the magnificent places along the shore.

Fantablulous trees...

...on fantabulous grounds of fantabulous homes.

Most of these were summer cottages of the New York wealthy.

Huge homes perched on the cliffside.

A number of them have been donated to
Salve Regina University, 

Each more grand than the one before.

This is the cliff walk that skirts along the homes.

Beware falling off the cliffs!
Apparently, there is crazy gravity.

We crossed over Easton Beach. This is looking
back at the cliffs.

Once we got on the other side we sought out a brewery called Rejects Beer Company. And they were awesome.
4 8 oz pours. 2 stouts and 2 IPAs.
We took home 4 32 oz cans of the stuff.

We're thinking that we want to get to Boston for the 4th of July. If we traveled directly from Newport we'd bet there in about 11 hours (gotta love Navionics!). Stoked we're so close we dilly-dallied another day. There's a huge fort here I wanted to explore. We donned our walking shoes and, after a dinghy ride, hiked there.

Turned a corner and now we're in England!
If you click you'll see the manor in the background.

As you approach the fort this is the bay view.

An historic replica.
You can tell by the dinghy off the back.

Fort Adams

You can walk up to the top of the walls.
Cool view of the big touring sailboats.

Fort Adams is so big forts McHenry, Sumter, and
Ticonderoga would fit into it. With ease.

Fort Adams is huge. We've been to a number of forts now, and none can compare size wise. That said, it's probably the most disappointing. The buildings are there, not really decayed enough to be called ruins, but the shear size of the place keeps the tiny state of Rhode Island from being able to return it to its glory. Many of the forts we've been to have vignettes, for example, recreated rooms that look as they did when in use, or exhibits of uniforms, weapons, or miscellaneous items found during refurbishing or reconstruction. There's none of that here. Except the view.

If you stood in the middle and spun, 
this is what you'd see.

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