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Friday, June 24, 2022

New Bedford to Onset, ball

We left New Bedford early today. Again the winds were calm first thing and predicted to get blustering by noon. Just after our coffee we were underway.

The trip to Onset was wonderful. We messed up our GoPro recording today, recording the trip in real time, but as you can see it could not have been better.

Boat life is largely about being open to change. Weather tends to trump most everything else you may want to do. Tide is second to that.

inQuest on Onset
Our next big thing to do is to traverse the 8 mile canal from the Atlantic (Buzzard's Bay) to the Cape Cod Bay. A handy shortcut, since it keeps one from having to boat all the way around the arm of Massachusetts. We've heard many warnings about when to go, how the tides run, don't go when the wind and tide are against each other, and so on. We're just not sure if all these cautions are warranted or not (mostly open water boaters so the canal is a scary thing) but we're taking them to heart. Onset Beach is a protected little bay just before the canal. Tomorrow should be a wonderful, calm, sunny, and warm day. So if we get through early before the droves of boaters we're expecting on a Saturday, things should go well.

Meanwhile, we hung out, took naps, and met our friends from New Orleans, Bob and Lorna, for an early dinner. The only thing that goes better with good weather is good company.

With luck we'll be in Plymouth tomorrow. Yes. That Plymouth.

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