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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Northport to Port Jefferson, anchor

Another short day, jumping over an exposed bay and into a protected one. The weather projected rain and t-storms in the latter part of the morning so we thought we'd get a jump on it an go early while the winds were calm. Even when they kicked up they were from the south, and Long Island offered decent protection along the way. 

Not a great sky but awesome water.
We made water again, which is a 2 hour task, so we couldn't move fast or it wouldn't be done by the time we got there. This is still a new process for us so we're keeping it to using very deep (and we're hoping, therefore, cleaner) water to start with.

Breakfast: French Toast and strawberries
Raining weather means wet dingy rides, which I'm against. Yesterday, Northport had a farmers market, so we bought salads, bread, and strawberries. All of it is fresh in a "eat me now!" sort of way. So that's our plan.

Lunch: Salad, with a quinoa
and toasted almonds.
While cute I wouldn't plan a future trip around this particular market. It's quite small and extremely pricey. We believed some of the items would have been cheaper at a Whole Foods. But, fresh salads are wonderful (we eat the a bunch) and we're contributing to the local economy. But don't go out of your way to plan on seeing it.

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