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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Still in Boston, new marina

Not far, but lots to do.
Due to the nature of the holiday many boats had already reserved space at the Charlesgate Yacht Club (which was awesome, btw). As a result we needed to move today before the 160 foot boat that needed our spot showed up. We'd already made plans to stay in the Constitution Marina through the holiday. Once they gave us the green light to come on over, we did.

The trip is only 30 minutes, but it's an exciting one. We first go back through the highway bridge, then the railroad bridge, then the lock. All of these are pretty skinny, meaning each is 25 feet wide. We're 16 feet wide. But it always felt like a bit of a squeeze.

inQuest at Charlesgate YC.
Going through the lock, one of the tour boats followed right into the chamber. I was shocked we both fit, but the lockmaster knew. This time we sank about 2 feet before the doors opened. I waited for the green light. Once it turned green I headed out... and the doors started to close. We came to an abrupt halt and waited. They opened again, the light remained green. Unwilling to risk being either stuck or smooshed we pushed out pretty quickly. Nothing more left to do but get docked. 

Famous shot of Boston
The marina was a little snug, being stuffed with vessels. But we managed. Now we're safe and snug in our new slip for a few days. 

Boston's been a fabulous town to visit. I'm partial to mass transit, which basically takes us anywhere. We've been to the farmer's market, little Italy, and North End, where Paul Revere used to live.

Tour boat coming in behind us in the tiny lock.

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