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Friday, July 8, 2022

Portsmouth to Portland, marina

While in Portsmouth/Kittery we had a couple of things to do, requiring us to get on land in both place. Kittery is in Maine, and Portsmouth in New Hampshire. Kittery is very cute, in a cottage-home sort of way, but the nifty little town of Portsmouth is really worth seeing. Darling downtown. We went there for dinner and an escape room with the crew of Highwind

Quick note: if you are moored in Kittery it's quite a dinghy ride to Portsmouth. By that I mean wet. And bouncy. That little bay has several cross channels and rivers that always collide with tides, leaving standing areas of chop you have to get through. Totally worth it, tho. Just bring a change of clothes and wear your PFDs.

Highwind, who traveled with us today.
Love the Atlantic like this, btw.
We headed out in the morning crazy early. Again, weather threatened to get miserable by the afternoon, and it was a 6 hour trip from Portsmouth to Portland with not a lot of "bail out" points in between. We left before having any coffee, even. Also worth it, since the trip was fabulous. Calm winds made for 2 - 3 foot rollers on an 8 second period or longer. Prop traps were always an issue, making the trip harder for the concentration you do. 

Russ wrote a song about those (sung to "Tip Toe Thru the Tulips"):

Tip toe thru the prop traps, thru the prop traps, 'cause they're everywhere
Oh tip toe thru the prop traps with caaaaaaare

Arriving in Portland. Lovely day!

Victory photo after solving
the hardest escape room.
Getting to Portland is kind of a milestone. The coastline turns very island-y from here on up, making "bailing out" easier and viable. Just duck behind something!

Russ is happy to report there are a variety of breweries here. While the weather will keep us in port for a while, there's much to do!

Abandoned Naval prison in Portsmouth

Look closely, this home has an Easter Island totem.

Tide in...

Tide out. That's why we mind channel markers.

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