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Friday, July 22, 2022

Southwest Harbor to Northeast Harbor, then up the fjord, anchor

We've had a couple of tiny toodles around and up the Mount Desert Island, each about 45 minutes long. We stayed in Northeast Harbor 2 nights, expecting bad weather (which never really came). Then we headed up the only Fjord in the United States and dropped the hook for a night.

As fjords go this one was isn't crazy inspiring. But we're spoiled a bit by some of the Canadian passageways -- Baie Fine comes to mind -- and even some of the cruising we did on the Tennessee last year. But the water was blue, the sky was bluer, and the breeze was relaxing.

There are 2 crops in abundance here in Maine this time of year: blueberries and lobster. We've been eating our share of both.


The fjord of MDI.

This would be good joke if there were no boat on the ball.

The weekend ahead looks like a great weekend to do some traveling.

We'd been warned fog was going to be a thing.
But this has been a really dry year up here.
Until now.

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