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Friday, July 15, 2022

North Haven to Bar Harbor, ball

Lots of island skating today.
This is it, the big destination. Bar Harbor! Gateway to the Arcadia National Park, home of whales and seals and puffins, and our northern-most achievement this year.

North Haven suited for the night but there wasn't much there at all. We passed a town called Stonington on our way here which I'd love to stop in. Hopefully things will work out that way.

David got out his drone and took this sunset
glory of inQuest in North Haven. Thank you!
The ride here was absolutely amazing and infinitely frustrating all at the same time. Given we travel early in the morning and go east visibility is always challenging. Not only is the sun a thing but the dancing-water reflection is equally blinding. Add a crap-ton of prop traps on top of that and both Russ and I understand the "cursing like a sailor" adage.

Once that wasn't a critical problem we were greeting with some of the most gorgeous views we've seen in boating thus far. The Mount Desert Island (MDI to locals) is renowned for its beauty. It did not disappoint.

We originally moored next to each other.
This doesn't look scary but David was sure
he could jump onto inQuest
We moved so we all could sleep easier.
But. Prop traps. And I cannot stress this enough, a crap-ton.

2 greens. Do not go between them.

GLARY! Gorgeous, but GLARY!

MDI in the distance

Blue sky, blue water, green trees, red rock...

Lovely day for everyone on a boat.

Lots o' rock

High tide...

Low tide. Big swing here.

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