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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Opechee Island to Blue Hill, ball

I found my thrill.... on Blue Hill... 

Storms were forecasted for tonight and tomorrow bringing with them big, big winds. Russ found us a small "hurricane hole" with a tiny yacht club. They have a big name, though. Kollegewidgwok Yacht Club. Thankfully, they don't require anyone to try to say that, so when hailing them you ask for "KYC."

After a quiet night we headed around the small islands and north to Blue Hill. We had calm waters and sunny skies all day long, well, for the 2 hour trip anyway. They had space for us on a ball and sent the launch to help us find it. 

Russ took this pic of sunrise in Opechee
The views in Maine continue to impress us. Blue Hill is a decent-sized hill and can be seen from distances. We hadn't realized the looming hill was where we were going. The only downside is the town dock can only be accessed plus or minus 2 hours from high tide. Otherwise, it's in the mud. It's about an hour walk along a no-sidewalked road from the yacht club. which isn't great either. But we got food on the boat, so we should be good for a couple of days.

Blue Hill, and the KYC thereby

Hey! Look who's making sourdough bread!
Many thanks to Hannah for sharing her starter.

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