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Monday, July 11, 2022

Portland to Boothbay, ball

Another quiet morning before the storm. Not a storm, per se, but 2 to 4 days of bluster which will make travel a bother. We headed out not too early, only having a few hours to get to Boothbay. From there it's 2 short days to Bar Harbor, which is (we believe) the farthest north we'll go.

It's wonderful to travel when the wind is calm. The sea rolls gently and the air is fresh. The Atlantic can be kind, it turns out.

Many rocks. So many lighthouses.
Now that we're in the islands there are many paths that, from the chart, look scary. However there is plenty of depth. Furthermore, these charts are very accurate. Rock don't move. We're used to charts being sketchy since sandy shoals can form almost overnight in Florida. But here, even charts from the early 1900s are still viable. 

Cute shops in Boothbay.
The pirate on top of this one made me laugh.
Among the things I can only talk about (since they were too quick for cameras) are the seal we saw crossing our path as we were leaving Portland (didn't have the GoPro running... daggumit!), and the whale as we came into Boothbay. Right Whales like to hang out here, just off Squirrel Island. I only saw a shallow hump go across our bow, as if it were a dolphin. It didn't "blow," though. That would have been cool. It was too fast for our GoPro to even get a still of it.

On the plus side, once we got into Boothbay we dinghy-ed into town. I (finally!) got my lobstah!

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