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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Blue Hill to Stonington, ball

I'm diggin' these short cruising days. And we traveled slower today to make sure we had enough time to make water. The route we took wasn't the shortest but the one that kept us in the deepest water for the process.

Blue Hill was a perfect hide out from the weather. The skies dumped some rain, we had one clap of close thunder, but otherwise we hardly noticed the fierce winds that were on the Atlantic.

Cruisin' to the town dock
Blue Hill isn't much of a town but, making it harder to visit, the town dock can only be accessed around high tide. Otherwise it's on land. We went over yesterday at 8:40 AM (high tide was 9:40) to get some grocery shopping done. The store is a mile hoof uphill(!). But we were back to the tender long before tidal issues... and got a little cardio workout in as well.

Got back to the boat just in time!

Stonington is on the right. Highwind is on the left.

This is getting into Blue Hill.
The approach is a little interesting. You almost get on 
land before you make a hard left turn.

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