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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Boothbay to North Haven, ball

Boothbay was a cute resort town. It is a destination for New Englanders fleeing some summer heat. We took a number of walks around there so we got some steps in. That is, when we could get to shore. The weather made the water too choppy to dinghy places. Thankfully, we have lots of food on the boat.

We spent 3 days there because 2 of them were terrible days to travel. The winds were steady over 25 with gusts to 35. Made for a bouncy night and day and afternoon. Whatever caused that moved through and this morning looked like a decent go day.

At first we had bigger swells but within the hour those subsided. Mostly (again!) the day was spent dodging prop traps. Dodging islands as well -- our Navionics picked some interesting routes which we ignored but we did skitter about on the voyage, oo-ing and ah-ing at the scenery. Made for some amazing pics.

Maine coastline

Lighthouse on the rocky shore.

Click this! And see the prop traps we, 
as a 16 foot wide boat, have to navigate.

We're now about 1/2 way to Bar Harbor. Just gonna spend 1 night then move along. 

inQuest and Highwind on the ball
in Boothbay

Bad weather makes for pretty pictures.
Thank you, Hannah!

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