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Monday, July 18, 2022

Bar Harbor to Southwest Harbor, ball

We did more touristy things in Bar Harbor than we ever had before.

First, we took a whale watching tour. Typically we pass on any boat-related tour thing -- no pirate tours, no sailing tours, no sunset cruises, no dolphin/manatee/insert-water-critter-here tours. We live on a boat. We see that stuff a lot. And for free. 

However, given the last couple of days had been utter concentration on dodging prop traps and we haven't seen any whales we thought this would be fun. Let someone else do the driving and we just sit back and take in the view for a change.

Only 3 in this shot. The far left is a calf.
And we got some great views. The tour had whale-aficionados on board who took pics and worked on identification. They keep track on what whales are where. I was expecting to see a couple of smaller, lesser known whales, and I would have been keen with that. But we got humpbacks. Four of 'em. We had to travel 50 miles out to sea to do that (and wouldn't you know it, they were in Canada), but we saw whales. We were told typically we only see 1 or 2. So we feel pretty lucky.

Nice blow!

My only 4 shot. A blow, a tail, and the mother and calf.

Us in our e-vehicle.
I told Hannah we look like
crash test dummies
in the "before" shot.
Once back on land the crew of Highwind treated us to an electric golf cart ride through Acadia. The park was just stunning. After being chilled on the whale watching tour (colder out there on the water, and the boat travels at 30 knots, so nippy!) driving in the sun in an no-door vehicle was perfect.

Today we headed out, slowly making our way westward. Lousy weather is coming. We didn't want to leave MDI quite yet so we made our way into the Somes Sound within the island. We'll putter around here for a few days. Apparently, this is the home of the United States only fjord. We wanna see that.

Final sunset in Bar Harbor.
Or as the locals say, "Bah Hahbah."

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