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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Wheeling to Chester, marina

Slowly we're making our way north and east, getting closer to Pittsburgh.

We finally had a not-so-exciting day with our relatives, who were beginning to thing this method of travel was wrought with adventure. We got through 2 locks, one I piloted and the other Russ did. It's good to switch it up a bit.

These were the last of the modern locks. We have 3 more to go, all of which we'll do tomorrow, and all are very different. No bollards. Should be interesting.

Today was Monday. Sadly, even though we're past the weekend there wasn't much open to go and have a sit-down dinner. We made nachos. That's 3 days in a row we ate on the boat. I'm SO looking forward to Pittsburgh.

If you look at the detail under the platform
you'll see hundreds of mud houses, built by swallows.

Some locks are NOISY! That's bollard squeal.

Me handling lines in the 2nd lock, then docking at Chester.

Total Lock Count: 26

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