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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Chester to PITTSBURGH, City wall


We had a little excitement leaving the marina. We were docked on a wall just in front of a large house boat. So as we back out the current of the Ohio wanted to push us into that boat. I knew this would be tricky so I had my added crew man stations along our side, ready with fenders, just in case disaster struck. It didn't -- we never got within 10 feet, but I could seriously feel the current push us the wrong way.

Niece on the fore line.
Between us and Pittsburgh were 3 old locks. When we enter the chamber, a lock master is standing on one of the walls dangling a rope with a hook. We aim for him. When we're close enough we thread the middle of a really long line, 100 feet in our case, onto the hook. The lockmaster raises it to the top of the wall and drapes it over a large timber head or two. Each end of the rope is affixed fore and aft of the boat, and that's what holds us in place as we ride up. Of course the rope gets slack so someone has to take up that slack. Today that someone was Brie, our niece. She thoroughly enjoyed being a deck hand.

inQuest in front of the stadium.
The Ohio River ends in Pittsburgh, being created with the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers meet. We docked on the wall just up the Allegheny, right next to the football field, Heinz Stadium.

Then (FINALLY) we went out and had pizza! 



Dashields Lock

Getting into Pittsburgh

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