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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Augusta to Rising Sun, town dock

We're over half way down the Ohio. So far it's taken us about half the days as it did to get up.

We do have a small leak on the boat. Recall Russ replaced the water pump on the port engine? Well, now the starboard engine's pump is leaking. I hear you asking, why doesn't he just replace that with the spare one he ordered? And that is the difference between you and Russ. He did have a plan. He ordered a rebuild kit to simply fix the old pump, and -- if the starboard one didn't fail quite so quickly -- we would have a spare. He's ordered another pump AND another kit, so we'll have more pumps than we'll need in another 5 years. Hopefully.

Sunrise today. A tow is headed up river.
Only one lock, Meldahl. When we came up this is the lock that held us up for 4 hours. We monitored traffic as we approached. No tows were down bound, as we were. But several were up bound. The timing was perfect -- as one of the big tows left the chamber, we got to go in. The little chamber wasn't working.

Another great travel day. Highs in the low 80, nice breeze, and no haze or fog, like we've had for the last couple of days. 

We switched jobs docking. Russ handled the boat while I handled the lines. We both could use the practice doing the other job and the conditions were perfect for getting it done. Russ did better than I did, sidling inQuest up to the dock. But my line skills are woeful. 

Just because I thought that sunrise was so cool...

Lots of bridges through Cincinnati. I do love that town. Very San Francisco-esque.

Russ docks, while I do the lines.

While in Rising Sun, Mac's Seaplane was getting a work over. He didn't quite
get airborn in this try, but eventually he was flying up and down the Ohio.

Total Lock Count: 41

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