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Monday, July 19, 2021

Parkersburg to Point Pleasant, town wall

You make a lot more progress when you go fast! This day's map shows our path in red because we averaged over 11 knots most of the day. 

This comes with a price, however. We're rocketing because the water is high. In places, as far as we can tell, 4 -5 feet higher than when we were here 2 weeks ago. What's odd is, yes, we had a couple days of rain, but not all day long. It's amazing how the water accumulates in the river. No wonder the big floods are so remembered.

So, all the problems we had a week ago where "we can't get to a wall due to lack of depth" are now "we can't get to the wall because it's underwater." Go figure.

We did put in a longer day, to be honest. Nearly 8 hours. When we docked last night in Parkersburg we noticed the ferry's exit strategy and then used it ourselves. Hey, learn from the professionals, I say. Spin hard, keeping the nose on the wall (well, we have a fender there) and pull the stern away, then back out until you can finish the turn down river. It worked well.

Pomeroy, when we came 2 weeks ago. Note the water line.

Pomeroy as we went by today.

Us and Chasin' 80 on the town wall of Point Pleasant.
First time in a while we shared a dock with anyone!

I confess, while all the cities and town on the Ohio have been quaint and cute and historic, the lack of "boat infrastructure" is frustrating. True, we're spoiled living near the loop, where every marina has fuel and water and pump-outs. We got pumped out in Marietta yesterday, which was an accomplishment, but now we need some fresh water. We called a number of places we passed but no one has water. When our water pump broke we bought a palette of spring water for drinking and doing dishes, so we do have a back up for a while. But, fingers crossed we're more successful tomorrow. 

Why didn't we just get water when we pumped-out? Because... reasons...

From departure to the first lock. Most of the "jigging" you see us us avoiding 
logs and trees in the river. In fact, we had to push past a massive cluster
just to get into the lock.

Two more locks done.

Total lock count: 38

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