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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Hangin' out in Marietta

Look! No mayflies!
If you got to be stuck somewhere, Marietta is a great place for just that.

Marietta College is just steps from the marina. College towns are great for food, largely because students are will to try more diverse variety. As a result this little town has all sorts of restaurants as well as your typical pizza and pub fare. In other words, bliss. 

Along the Muskingum River is a bike/pedestrian path with one of those "outside gym" for adults. The darling town is full of quaint houses and tree-line streets. Lots of great walking here.

Walking path along the Muskingum River
In other good news, the mayflies have had their "hurrah" and have all but disappeared. Thank goodness.

Years and depth of massive floods
Russ had worked out with the marina a mile up the Muskingum River, The Marietta Boat Club, about allowing a fuel truck to fill us up. They'd not only done it before, but they had a recommended service. Also, they had a pump out, and while the dock is very close to land, the river gets very steep on the banks.

Diesel delivered to our door. (The red hose
is attached to the fuel truck).
This morning we moved the boat and pumped out first thing. Then we docked at the agreed upon space for fueling up. The truck showed up just before 3 pm. We'll spend the night here, then move back to Marietta Harbor -- it is just a little closer to town center. Besides, the water pump shows up Friday, and they agreed to let us send it there. Seems only fair to pay for another couple of nights.

Once the water pump is installed we plan on heading out. Plan A is back on. Pittsburgh, here we come!