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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Wellsburg to New Martinsville, town wall

When we came down this way about a week ago we tried to get on the town wall at Sistersville but were unable to due to the depth (specifically, lack thereof). As we made our way the next day there was a regatta in New Martinsville, which wasn't that much further. If we knew about it we would have just shot for New Martinsville and watched the races. How cool would that have been? (Our biggest frustration with the Ohio River is the lack of information about it, everything from fuel, to eats, to town walls and anchorages are missing. Future boaters, Quimby's isn't all that useful. Just sayin'.)

Armed with this knowledge we made a point of stopping here on the way back. Someone had mentioned great pizza here (thank you, Kim King), which was an enticing lure, but we opted for the Dos Hermanos Mexican restaurant which over looked the river. They had Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo. Not the best we've had (the winner is still Owensboro, which I'm looking forward to having again), but very good. They had a covered patio outdoors which allowed us to watch the storms go by.

Great patio at Dos Hermanos
We got through 2 locks today without incident or hold up. As we approached each of them the doors were opening. We did notice a lot more tows today. In fact we'd say it was a record. On two occasions we held back a bit while one tow passed another before we made our pass, and those happened within an hours time.

Our only adventure of the day was at moment one, when the port engine would NOT start. Russ checked the battery; nope, not the problem. Then he checked the starter relay. This happened on Cat-n-Dogs once, and on the very same engine. He jumped it, it started. He even has a replacement relay which he installed in the evening.

Storms comin' and goin'
Never a dull moment.

Total lock count: 35

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  1. Glad you were able to stop and eat in New Martinsville! We just saw you pass our house in Friendly! We were caught in that storm yesterday afternoon coming back from New Martinsville. We must have just missed seeing you. Have a safe trip!