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Sunday, July 25, 2021

A day in Louisville

Pizza from Parlour, Jeffersonville. And a salad.
After our long day we agreed we'd spend a day here. That way we'd get to walk across the 4 Brothers Bridge again and eat pizza in Jeffersonville. Fun fact: It was named after Thomas Jefferson (you may have heard of him) who helped architect the town layout. He recommended a checkerboard grid, where every other plot was parks and trees to help keep the air fresh and healthy. Ahead of his time, if you ask me.

Russ got a drone a while back. While he's played with it on land, this is its first
test on inQuest. We're very leary of it. See, if it loses it's signal it's programmed
to "go home." That is a GPS location. And if the boat's moved... you see where
I'm going with this. So, while docked in Rising Sun, he made this.

inQuest is on the right, in the city marina.
We have an appointment to get the boat hauled in Green Turtle Bay, which is at the top of the Cumberland River. That is Thursday. Which means we need to arrive there Wednesday night. So we have 4 days to get 400 miles. So, some long days ahead. The days will be hot, too, so being in an AC cooled boat isn't a hardship. We are hoping for some big currents.

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