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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Portsmouth to Augusta, town wall

Clearly, we're slowing down a bit. No locks today, so as this pool drains and the levels drop, we're not going quite as fast as we had been. Still over 9 knots. And there's still high water below us. Once we pass the next lock I suspect we'll speed up again.

Just past the Portsmouth is the Shawnee State Park. We stayed there on the way up with the intention of fueling up. However the depths were too low for us to get to the pump, which added to our frustrations later about not getting diesel. However, the river is high now. We called them and confirmed, yep, they got both depth and fuel. We stopped and tanked up.

Hazy days of summer.

The rest of the day was pretty dull. We were on the water for a long time again, but making really good progress. Decided we needed to eat some meal on the boat, so stopping in Augusta, a place we'd already explored, made sense.

Augusta, right from the boat.
Besides the constant dodging of large chunks of wood and trees, we didn't have too much excitement

Total Lock Count: 40

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