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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Grand Rivers to Demumbers Bay, anchor

Possibly the silliest path we've done since boating. We left Green Turtle Bay (top left) to go to Big Bear Marina (bottom left) where the diesel was cheapest in the area. Then back across to start our journey down the Cumberland. Being Sunday everyone and their brother is out and about in their boats. So we made it an extra short day and dropped anchor immediately (top right). Weather is moderate, about 78 degrees, with calm winds. So not a bad day to sit on the hook and let the weekenders have their fun.

After nearly 2 weeks of long days we're ready for some easy travels. There's many bays to explore on Lake Barkley. Many moons ago when we owned an RV we stayed at a campground on the Land Between the Lakes. We remarked on the interesting boats anchored nearby since they looked rather big. Might have put a seed in our brains...

inQuest about to get splashed back.
While at GTB we hauled inQuest. The big reason was Russ noticed a small leak in one of our shaft seals. He had that replaced, and backup seals installed on both shafts. We also took this opportunity to check the bottom and our props. The Ohio was a very woody river, and we definitely bumped a thing or two on the nearly 2000 miles voyage, not to mention wade our way through some mud. Yep, props had a couple of small dents in them, and the hull was chipped in two places. All issues have been fixed. 

This turtle was quite friendly. Apparently
the dock workers feed it, so it comes right up
to you and says "Hi". Or "Feed me."
We are ready for chapter 2. It's only 150 miles by boat to Nashville. We plan on exploring the Cumberland all this month.

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