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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Nearly Nashville to Stark Knob, anchor

Since they were closing a section of the Cumberland for the race we made sure we were well clear of the city early in the day. We passed the city dock on our way. I'm certainly looking forward to spending a couple of days there. Nice location to downtown.

Along the river front is "old town" of Nashville,
the the new town towering behind it.
We passed a tow on our way to the one and only lock today. Sadly, this lockmaster was busier with mostly local traffic -- everyone with a boat was enjoying the warm day and locking is fun! (Not to those of us who do it a lot, but there you go). A small boat was locking down so we tied to the wall and waited a bit before our go. After we crested, the doors opened with several boats in the way, all in a rush to get into the lock without waiting for us to get out. Russ tried to educate them on lock etiquette. Oddly, they didn't appear grateful for the enlightenment.

Someone put a plan on the hillside.

We've seen a couple of these. It's a funicular system
designed for a boat. Get's the boat well out of the way of floods.
Notice the track on the right that lead all the way down.

Once on Old Hickory Lake with the Sunday crowds, we sussed out a couple of anchorages. The first was just jammed with boats. We explored a bit, then bagged. We could have stayed but we wanted to chill. They didn't look like a chill group. more like a "party hearty, Marty!" group.

So we pressed on for another 5 miles and found our current anchorage. It had a few boats but not near as many. We turned on the AC then headed below for well deserved naps.

Gonna be a hot week coming up. We hoped to anchor out most of it. We'll see how things go.

A little bit of catchup. This is from yesterday, getting into the Commodore Yacht Club.
Skinny entry, both in width and depth. We pumped out first. But I didn't want to turn inQuest
around because of the depth, so we backed our way onto the t-head.

Starting in the lock today, which goes up 60 feet. Note the 3 boats on the other side,
all in a hurry to get into the lock. Also notice how many boats are zipping around
us as we find an anchorage for the day.

Total lock count: 50

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