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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Pisgah Bay to Sugar Bay, anchor

Short yet fun ride today. We purposely chose our anchorage last night because it was tucked by a western edge. Given the heat, that would give us a little more shade due to an earlier sundown from the trees. We wanted something similar today.

We went to a bay south of Sugar Bay, but couldn't find exactly the right place. So we traveled back to Sugar Bay. First we checked out the area nearest the boat ramp, but it wasn't quite right. We crossed the bay to s smaller inlet on the other side. It's perfect.

While there's not a boat ramp here during the heat of the day we walked the dog on a rocky beach nearby. It was close and it was already in the shade. Lizzie, being a pug, has a hard time with hot and humid. This worked well.

Tender run to walk a dog. Lovely little bay.
I forgot to mention another project Russ worked on while in GTB. He installed sonic hull cleaners, called Hull Shield. A number of boaters we know have done this with really good results. In Longboat Key we are plagued with these worm things that attach themselves to the hull and running gear. Typically we have to have a diver scrape them off about once a month, but if the water is at all warm, it's every 2 weeks. Apparently, the sonic emitters put out vibrations such things find offensive. I'm looking forward to seeing how well they work. 

Got the whole day in this time. Lots of "nope, let's go over there!" 

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