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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Goat Island to Hickman Creek, anchor

We spent 2 days at anchor near Goat Island. It was too lovely to bother to leave, and we hadn't done that in a long time, just hang out on a lake.

After walking the dog we brought the anchor home and set out up river to another anchorage. Not much happened en route today. Hardly any other boats around. Lots of little islands and pretty views all along.

Given we ended the day early we jumped in the tender to investigate the old fort nearby, Fort Donelson. More of a battery, really. The guns (or replicas) are there. They picked the right place -- from there you can see ships coming from a mile away. Built by the south to protect the waterway into Nashville it did see action and ultimately was lost.

American Jazz. Note the point on the left, 
which is the bow of the boat. It's lifted to un-
load passengers. Pretty ingenious.
Getting there was a bit of wading in the Cumberland and bushwhacking through scrub. While a tourist destination, they clearly didn't want tourists to come by water. We were not dissuaded. We have pics to prove it.

Just as we came into the anchorage we heard a loud horn, like one from a large vessel. When we ventured out to see the fort we noticed a ship in what would have been the perfect landing. It was an American Cruise ship, of all things. They were unloaded some of their passengers into busses. And as we were leaving the fort, the busses were arriving.

The lower battlements. They could see anyone
coming for miles.
We had the place to ourselves!

The upper battlements. 

Just as we started our trek a tow came down.
You can see our tender on the right, about to get waked.

Gorgeous day as we windy our way up the Cumberland 
and into our new anchorage at Hickman Creek.

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