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Monday, August 9, 2021

Stark Knob to Saunders Branch, anchor

While we started early-ish it didn't take long for the clouds to threaten the day. Weather apps warned of t-storms, right around the time we would get to our original destination. We decided to make is a shorter day and move along tomorrow instead.

As a result, the drive was pretty easy. A bit of rain every now and again dampened the decks, but no downpours. We set anchor, had lunch, took naps... and still no storms.

I count 8 deer.

The air ishot and humid, and clouds come and go. A pop-up storm is certainly not out of the question.

We passed the anchorage, thinking we'd tough it out, then turned around
and ducked back in. I'm a sucker for the lure of a nap.

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