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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Nashville to Clarksville, marina

A little longer day but very nice. We had the current with us, so it felt fast. Getting off the town dock was fine. By the end of Friday night that small dock was full. The only spot left open was the one in front of us, and we didn't park there because the power stanchion was broken.

We had 1 lock to get through, which was reasonably well -- only a small wait for the doors to open. The day was more of a race with the weather. Storms were predicted for the afternoon. You can see the clouds darken on the left (vid below) as we neared the marina. In fact, just as we were docking the winds came up and screwed up our attempt. As a result, the boat wobbled a bit and we had to reset.

Fort Nashboro, named after General Francis Nash
who fought in the Revolution.
Had a great day in Nashville. We took a really long walk up and over Capitol Hill and down to the Farmer's Market. Just beyond that is a wonderful park and a bell carillon, with 50 towers houseing 95 bells (one for each of Tennessee's counties) and plays wonderful tunes on the hour.

They certainly embraced their title, Music City. Everywhere you go, even in the morning, live music can be heard coming from various venues, and that goes on all day. Even the pedal-powered bars, both the driving and boating kind, have music playing. It is quite a little town.

Total Lock Count: 52

From the bell carillion looking toward the capitol.

Downtown, bustling by 10 am.

Near our docks looking downtown.
This artwork reminds me of a bad roller coaster.

I call this shot "The Heron."
While almost always alone, the blue heron is everywhere!

The General Jackson, a stern-paddler that comes up from Opryland.
Sadly, the video isn't nearly as impressive as it is to see it go by.

Almost our entire day, save for when we left the dock. 
Our camera records 1 frame per second. A tow or two was passed,
but the sky and clouds are fun to watch.

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