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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Clarksville to Nashville, marina

Not exactly Nashville. In fact we won't really get to Nashville until we come back because of the weekend hoopla. Best to avoid it for now.

The day started out hazy with a threat of rain coming and going. But we didn't get a drop. Meanwhile travel was uneventful. Our only hitch was at the lock. We hailed him about 3 miles out on two difference channels and got no response. We hailed again at 2 miles out, no response. With the dam in sight we tried again, no response. Russ just called on the phone. The lock master was very apologetic; he had his radio set on a different channel. He thanked us for the call. We only had to stand station for 15 minutes while he turned the lock, but the current there was pretty intense making it a challenge. Getting through was no trouble.

Lots of lovely views
Right after the lock the lands changed. While pretty before, things were getting gorgeous. Hilly, rock-faced cliffs, green trees. Just lovely.

Sadly we're quite shy of Nashville, proper. And we have a bit of running around to do in town, like get to our Amazon pick-up for some orders. Uber and Lyft are still sketchy, and there don't seem to be a lot of them these days. But we'll manage.

Total lock count: 49

Woke this morning to deer nearby

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