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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Gallatin to Nashville, city dock

We only had 1 lock and, given it was Thursday, we didn't hustle and get out right away. We managed to get underway by 8 am, so we didn't dawdle either. 

And, yet...

Wouldn't you know it, there was exactly 1 tow underway and he beat us to the lock.

While we were about 5 miles from the lock, way too early for us to hail him, we heard a tow do so. Coming up. We, of course, want to go down. When we got within a decent range of the lock they told us the wait was going to about 3 hours.

Much of the lake is cottage country.
Makes it tough to walk a dog while on anchor.
Originally we thought we'd anchor but Russ read the description of the area which read "flooded timber". He was more concerned about snagging the anchor on a tree, so we opted to tie off onto one of the cells.

We have a vid of this. Had to try a couple of times but we got the boat to drift away from the cell, hanging on a couple of lines. Then, we waited.

Going up to and setting on one of the cells. Really not meant for "pleasure crafts."

Even the doors took forever to open.
The reason this would take so long is this was a very small lock. So the tow needed to broken up, the barges sent up first and parked out of the chamber, which was sent back down to get the tow boat itself. Then it was all reconnected and off they went. Took only 2 hours, not 3. So that was a pleasant surprise.

The lock, however, is a drag. IT TAKES SO LONG. It's a long drop, 60 feet, so gonna be longer, but I swear they used a garden hose to empty the thing.

By the marina. You can see piles of algae, even
though they have a fountain (left) to help.
On the plus side, once we were let out we zipped down the Cumberland with an 11 knot current. So that made up time. Got in around 4, just in time for dinner.

inQuest at the docks from the pedestrian bridge.

Even at high speed that lock takes a LONG time. Then a nice ride
all the way to the General Jackson in front of Opryland.

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