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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Sugar Bay to Paris Landing, marin

The heat is still upon us. After 2 days on anchor we decided to head to a marina. We've been fine in the heat and humidity -- the upgrades are working well -- but we plugging the boat all night to not worry about managing our batteries sounded nice. Russ is still investigating what's needed to do the last piece of the autogen install, the part that automatically starts the generator once the batteries get low. Once that is done we an just run the AC all night long. Sure, we'll be startled awake at 3 am when the generator starts, but we'll be cool and comfy!

About a 4 hour day today. Hot, but other wise a great trip. The water was much browner than when we came up six weeks or so ago. Lots of logs in the water too making piloting a little more dicey. Both of which are results from the massive floods they had in Tennessee. 17 inches of rain, all starting to make it's way here. 

Morning through the new awning.
Behind us were friends from our loop, The Lower Place. They were returning from a trip to Nashville. Robin and Charlie called us asking if we'd seen the horse. Horse? Apparently a casualty from the flood. I'm kinda thankful we didn't see it. 

Paris Landing is known for the diesel prices being decent. We pulled in, pumped out, fueled up, and snagged a slip. We did brave the heat to go eat as Carmelita's, just a 15 minute walk from here. Otherwise, we hid indoors.

Grumpy pug in her new life vest.
Sometimes there is no pleasing that dog.

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